IT AIN’T EASY BEING GREEN: St. Pat’s Festivities Rack Up 21 Arrests, 17 Ambulance Runs In Wrigleyville

CWB estimates that 21 people were taken into police custody during Wrigleyville’s Saturday-into-Sunday St. Patrick’s binge.

But there was only one tazing. (Rats!)

28 batteries were witnessed or otherwise confirmed by police. Few were formalized with police reports.

Ambulances took at least 17 people to area hospitals and officers were tied up with at least 19 calls from cab drivers who had disputes with their passengers over payment.

Here, now, are the notable moments in this year’s green-laden blow out in the area (with a splash of Lincoln Park tossed in):

12:36PM – Huge party in an apartment, 600 block of Cornelia. It’s big, it’s loud, and people are urinating out the windows.

1:07PM – Woman down in the rest room at Casey Moran’s. Ambulance hauls her away.

2:02PM – Dust-up outside of Deuce’s and The Diamond, 3505 Clark.

2:21PM – Order: Have party buses move on. If they idle outside of bars, the party will set up in the street.

2:25PM – Battery just occurred. Woman vs. woman at Roscoe and Clark.

2:37PM – Woman is thrown from a cab, has cut on her head. Ambulance en route. 3510 Clark.

2:39PM – The woman thrown from the cab is now refusing all police and medical services.

2:47PM – Neighbors near Clark and Waveland think the Red Bull truck is too loud.

2:51PM – Battery in progress on a Red Line train at Belmont. Caller says a drunk guy poured beer on him.

2:58PM – 19-year-old male huffing cans of computer duster inside the McDonalds at Lincoln and Halsted.

3:05PM – 20-year-old man down and unresponsive outside of Fusion Hair Studio. 3353 N. Clark. Ambulance scoops him away to Thorek Hospital.

3:15PM – Officers see a fight break out near Rebel Bar and Grill, 3462 N. Clark.

3:17PM – Large fight inside and outside of the apartment building at 536 Addison.

3:19PM – Over on the 3300 block of Marshfield, a man’s driving a silver Volvo on the sidewalk.

3:30PM – 2 people about to fight inside Improv Olympic, 3541 N Clark.

3:32PM – Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. The first arrest of the day takes place after a fight breaks out at Stretch Bar, 3485 N. Clark.

3:40PM – A white man in a green shirt is spitting on the door people at Rebel bar. He’s the second arrest of the day.

3:48PM – Man down in the alley behind Cubby Bear. Officer cancels ambulance because the man is “one of our regular homeless gentlemen.”

4:01PM – Back at Improv Olympic, a group of people are pounding on the door. IO wants them removed.

4:13PM – Third arrest of the day. This time it’s at Red Ivy, 3519 N. Clark.

4:14PM – Another fist fight at Rebel.

4:28PM – Officers witness a fight outside of Deuce’s and the Diamond, 3505 N. Clark.

4:52PM – CTA security holds two battery offenders at the Belmont Red Line station. CPD case HX186139

5:50PM – A woman is passed out, face down in the snow, at Fremont and Sheridan.

5:55PM – Description of a suspected shoplifter at Walgreens, 1001 Belmont: Five-foot-tall black man wearing a Mickey Mouse hat.

6:27PM – A SWAT saturation team is on its way to help.

6:38PM – Unrelated to the St. Pat’s festivities: An airline delivery driver drops off some recovered lost luggage to a woman in the 1300 block of Cornelia. She punches him in the mouth because the bags are late. CPD case HX186260.

6:49PM – SWAT team’s here.

6:53PM – Two men fighting at Byron and Southport.

6:56PM – Two arrested for fighting at Red Ivy.

7:00PM – A 20-year-old Lakeview woman is passed out at 1125 Addison. Cops give her a ride home.

7:03PM – Officers see a fight in progress at Sheffield and Clark.

7:21PM – A vice enforcement team enters Red Ivy. Someone inside the bar decides it’d be a good idea to try to fight with them. Arrest made for aggravated battery to a police officer. CPD case #TBD.

7:35PM – A white man in a green shirt was seen staggering and falling down as he traversed the 3800 block of Lakewood. The man is currently lying unconscious on top of a silver car. The car alarm is going off.

7:44PM – 911 calls waiting for an officer to become available in the 19th district: Someone “attacked” a citizen’s dog near Ashland and Berteau; disturbance in the 3400 block of Clark; disturbance 3700 Halsted; battery report needed at Weiss Hospital; and one prisoner in the district lock-up needs to go to the hospital for medication.

7:54PM – Fight inside John Barleycorn.

7:57PM – 3 to 4 men fighting at 3418 Clark.

8:11PM – 53-year-old man is drunk, on the ground, and he can’t walk. In the alley at 3455 Southport.

8:13PM – Send an ambulance to the Taco Bell by Wrigley Field. A woman has apparently been hit by a car or beaten by a man. The get-away vehicle is described as a very dark gray or black BMW with a 20-something-year-old white male riding on its roof. CPD battery case HX186418.

8:31PM – You won’t believe this. Remember about an hour ago when that vice cop was battered inside Red Ivy? Well, the fire marshal just showed up at Red Ivy and he brought his ticket book.

8:32PM – Two men fighting inside the McDonald’s at Lincoln and Halsted.

8:56PM – A man fell down, hit his head, and now blood is pouring out of his mouth. 950 W. Addison.

8:56PM – Three “friends” stole a bunch of liquor from a man’s house at Sheffield and Waveland.

9:02PM – 10 to 15 people fighting in front of Vines on Clark, 3554 Clark.

9:13PM – Man and woman having sex in the alley at 3521 Seminary.

9:16PM – Woman passed out in the John Barleycorn rest room.

9:34PM – Dust-up at Rebel.

9:45PM – A 24-year-old woman took several pills, she’s drunk, unconscious and, unfortunately, inside Old Crow Smokehouse, 3506 Clark. She is ambulanced away.

10:07PM – Ambulance needed for a woman who’s “unable to walk or talk.” Inside the new Walgreens at Clark and Diversey.

10:11PM – Bouncer vs. drunk at Slugger’s. Police take the drunk. Bouncer goes about his duties.

10:17PM – Several calls of three green-shirted men fighting on the street at 928 Oakdale.

10:22PM – Battery in progress. 3500 block of Sheffield. A man came into the caller’s third-floor apartment and began fist-fighting with a male occupant. Ambulance #1 is called for the man who entered the apartment. He is described by officers as “out of his mind on something” and gets whisked away to St. Joseph Hospital. Then. a second ambulance is called for the victim who struggled with the “crazy” guy. The victim is taken to Thorek Hospital.

11:17PM – An officer dubs Clark and Addison “the epicenter of nonsense.”

11:31PM – Ambulance on the way for a battery victim at the Belmont Red Line station.

11:51PM – Police ask for an ambulance to take away a man who is “unbelievably intoxicated” outside of Flaco’s Tacos, 3530 Clark. He is hospitalized.


12:03AM – Two people fighting in the street at Clark and Aldine.

12:03AM – The public transportation police commander reports 10 to 12 people fighting, including a man with a knife, at Clark and School. The man with a knife is said to be black and wearing a leather jacket with khaki pants. He is not found.

12:18AM – Drunk down 558 Aldine. Ambulance whisks him to Illinois Masonic.

12:20AM – Police call for an ambulance for a man who cannot move and is unresponsive outside of Sluggers, 3540 Clark.

12:27AM – In an apartment at 505 Belmont, a woman is said to have “been drinking for too many days and now she’s violent.”

12:32AM – Seminary and Newport: Man down, blood flowing from his head.

12:50AM – The doorman at 3400 Lake Shore Drive calls 911 after a bloody man walks into the lobby and passes out.

12:56AM – Five men fighting at 3244 N. Sheffield.

12:58AM – Fight inside Dimo’s Pizza, 3463 Clark.

1:00AM – Taser time! After a unit asks for several back-up cars, two unruly celebrants are arrested at John Barleycorn. Officers had to taze one of them.

1:08AM – A customer has broken out a window at Cubby Bear, 1059 W. Addison.

1:10AM – Two men fighting, one bleeding from the face at Red Ivy.

1:13AM – Kinda busy tonight, so the 20th district is going to loan us a paddy wagon.

1:19AM – At Cubby Bear, a woman is bleeding from the face and “looks like she’s about to fall out.” An ambulance is called, but she manages to snap out of her daze and walk away.

1:20AM – Female unconscious at Metro, 3730 Clark.

1:44AM – One arrest for battery at the McDonald’s across from Wrigley Field. Victim taken away by ambulance. CPD battery record HX186656.

1:49AM – Send an ambulance to Clark and Eddy. “He’s breathing, but he’s totally knocked out.”

2:09AM – Fight inside Moe’s Cantina. Ambulance hauls away someone who was hit with a bottle.

2:35AM – Fight outside of Deuce’s and the Diamond Club.

2:55AM – Officers witness criminal damage to property take place at John Barleycorn. One arrest. CPD case HX186680.

3:25AM – Fight inside 7-Eleven at Sheffield and Addison. Criminal damage to property case #HX186708.

Fighting Leprechaun Image: The Cleveland Fan (Modified)
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