DePaul alert: 13 teens beat and robbed victims near Loop campus

The first attack was reported at 359 South State, near this DePaul facility. | Google

A group of thirteen teenagers beat and robbed a man of his phone in the Loop on Monday evening, according to an alert issued by DePaul University’s public safety office. The offenders then battered and robbed another group of people nearby, according to police reports and the school. Five offenders are in custody, DePaul said.

The teens attacked the first victim around 9:30 p.m. at 359 South State Street, took his phone, then ran southbound. Moments later, the group attacked and robbed four men as they stood outside 701 South State Street, according to the school’s alert. Police said the second group of victims sought help at a nearby pizza restaurant.

Officers searched the area and arrested five people who were identified as being part of the group who beat and robbed the victims.

DePaul and Chicago police said the offenders were black males and females in their late teens, many of whom wore yellow jackets. After the second attack, the group ran south on State, then east on 8th Street, police said.

No further information was immediately available about the arrested individuals or the charges filed.