Update: Accused Lincoln Park “stalker” recently did federal time for threatening to rape 3 women in scores of phone calls

The man charged this week with stalking a Lincoln Park woman and entering her home this summer did federal prison time for placing hundreds of phone calls in which he threatened to rape and injure three women in 2015, according to court records.

Jonathan Chain, 39, was charged Tuesday with felony burglary and felony stalking after a 26-year-old woman identified him as the man who repeatedly entered her home and stalked her on the 2600 block of North Seminary.

Video showing a man identified as Chain peering into the woman’s windows while apparently pleasuring himself was posted to a neighborhood crime network in August.

CWBChicago has now learned that Chain is on supervised release after serving time for federal crimes in Ohio.

Chain pleaded guilty in November 2016 to threatening three women during a series of interstate phone calls between July and December 2015, according to federal records.

One woman received 101 calls from Chain in which he threatened to “sexually assault, rape, and kill her and injure and kill her child,” according to a grand jury true bill.

Another woman allegedly received 55 similar calls from Chain during the same period. And a third woman received at least nine calls in which Chain threatened to rape her, the grand jury found.

All of the calls took place between Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio, federal prosecutors said.

A judge sentenced Chain to three concurrent two-year terms after he pleaded guilty to three counts of making threats using interstate commerce. The judge also ordered him to serve three years of supervised release.

Chain wrote to the judge from prison in September 2017 and asked to be assigned to a halfway house in Chicago where he promised to “start again from scratch.”

The judge agreed and ordered additional conditions that federal probation officers in Chicago required before accepting him to their jurisdiction. Chain was ordered to participate in a sex offender treatment program, to comply with state and local laws pertaining to convicted sex offenders, and to not possess “any device that could be used for covert photography without the approval of [his] probation officer.”

Illinois and Ohio records show that Chain is not registered as a sex offender in either state, but his federal crimes were not technically sex offenses. It is unclear if the judge who instructed him to “comply with state and local laws pertaining to convicted sex offenders” expected him to register with authorities.

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Park woman who posted video that allegedly shows Chain lurking on her back porch told neighbors he “opened both my window panes and screen somehow, took some pictures on his phone, took his d**k out, stuck his whole arm in my window, and pulled the blanket off the bed.”

A lengthy video of the man that was posted to the Ring Neighbors network appears to show him satisfying himself as he stands and crouches around the woman’s windows.