Cops call woman’s carjacking story “unfounded” after detectives find her $200,000+ sports car in Loop garage.

Chicago police this morning said the reported armed carjacking of an exotic sports car in the Loop on Sunday evening is unfounded.

Investigators located the purportedly stolen McLaren in a parking garage on the 200 block of North Stetson on the New East Side around 12:30 p.m. Monday.

After further investigation, “the case is now categorized as unfounded,” CPD spokesperson Kellie Bartoli said in an email on Tuesday morning. No charges have been filed against the woman who made the complaint, according to Bartoli.

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Minutes before the woman reported her $200,000+ vehicle stolen, police officers in the Loop saw it collide with another car on Michigan Avenue after they tried to stop it for drag racing.

The woman, 36, told police that she pulled over somewhere near LaSalle Street and Wacker Drive to get directions when two men threatened her with a  gun and drove away with the car, which bore a “BAD CHK” personalized plate.

Now, police say, she made it up.

CWBChicago’s social media followers were quick to question the woman’s tale on Monday.

“A 36-yr old asks for directions in 2019 despite having onboard navigation & any mobile device? #doesntaddup,” said @fynmere on Twitter.

“She got out of the car,” asked @susangroff1, “and left the keys in the ignition to ask directions?”

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