Fists fly, no serious injuries reported in Boystown’s first big brawl of 2020

Men and women battle in the street at Roscoe and Halsted on March 8, 2020. | Snapchat

Mild temperatures and cabin fever teamed up to create prime conditions for Boystown’s first major street brawl of the 2020 season.

Several witnesses called 911 to report fights in various locations around the neighborhood between 1:35 a.m. and 1:55 a.m. on Sunday, March 8. 

The first incident unfolded at Elaine Place and Roscoe Street, just east of the Boystown bar strip.

Then, a large fight broke out in the middle of the Halsted-Roscoe intersection as bars began closing for the night. At least three people posted videos of the brawl to social media.

A third fight unfolded inside Bounmy Grill, a restaurant at 3207 North Halsted, and yet another was reported in the street at Halsted and Newport.  

No serious injuries were reported and no arrests were made in any of the incidents.