Video: Footage documents fatal police-involved shooting in Lakeview

Police bodycam footage shows the shadow of an officer and his gun as he approaches the fallen gunman. | COPA

Investigators who are exploring the fatal shooting of a man by police in Lakeview two months ago have just released 23 audio and video files as well as CPD reports that document the case. CWBChicago’s team has screened hours of the newly-released footage and is sharing key parts of the video in this report.

The files, posted by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, include footage from two officers’ body-worn cameras, squad car dashcam video, private security camera images, and audio files.

Officers responded to the 3600 block of North Ashland around 5:15 a.m. on Feb. 9 after the owner of late-night bar Tai’s Til 4 called 911 to report a disturbance, according to an earlier statement by Lakeview Alderman Tom Tunney.

Police convinced two quarreling men to separate and walk away, but one of them — identified as 31-year-old Jeremy Grayson — opened fire on the other moments later as police stood nearby.

Video released by COPA shows Grayson telling officers that the other man threatened to kill him inside the bar, but other footage shows a witness telling officers that Grayson was the one who threatened violence.

Cops spent several minutes trying to convince Grayson to call it a night: “You’re an older man. I can tell you’re mature,” one officer tells him. 

The second man walks away, but Grayson continues talking with officers as a third man approaches while carrying a small bag. The two then turn and head north on Ashland Avenue, in the same direction as the other man.

“The other guy’s across the street,” one cop says, adding he thought either Grayson or the third man “did gang signs on me.”

The officers shout out to Grayson and the third man as they apparently approach the second man down the street. As the cops prepare to move down the street in their squad cars, gunfire is heard.

A surveillance camera captured images of Grayson firing his gun.

Grayson shot the man he allegedly threatened to kill earlier, according to police.

Both officers sped after Grayson as he ran from the shooting scene and into an alley.

Grayson then opens fire on officers as they peek out of an alley on the 1600 block of West Waveland. The cops return fire. Grayson is soon found lying motionless between two cars on the street. A gun is found under his body.

Here are some of the key segments of videos released by COPA. CWBChicago has trimmed the length of these files, but we did not make any edits to the excerpts below. You can review all of the available files in their entirety at COPA’s site.

Be aware that these videos contain foul language, gunfire, and graphic images.

Video 1

This 9-minute video tracks the incident from the final moments of Grayson’s engagement with police outside Tai’s through the officers’ exchange of gunfire with Grayson, the discovery of Grayson lying on the pavement, and some following activity. Grayson is the man who’s wearing a shiny black coat.

Video 2

Private security camera footage shows Grayson crossing Ashland Avenue and firing a handgun at the victim.

Video 3

CPD dashcam footage records the sound of Grayson’s gunfire as officers return to their vehicles. At least 17 shots are heard. The video ends as officers search for Grayson near Ashland and Waveland.

Video 4

Third-party surveillance footage shows Grayson running into an alley near Ashland and Waveland with police officers close behind.

Video 5

Officer bodycam footage recorded as Grayson shoots at police. At least one officer fires back, then moves in to find Grayson unresponsive on the pavement.

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