Sweet 16: Man on “affordable bail” for 15 Rogers Park burglaries is busted again

Louis Moneyham | CPD

A man who has fifteen — fifteen — pending burglary cases is back in custody after police allegedly caught him burglarizing yet another residential building in Rogers Park.

We told you about Louis Moneyham on August 19 after prosecutors charged the 65-year-old with those fifteen felony counts. At the time, prosecutors said he used a screwdriver to break into a string of apartment buildings to steal packages between October 2019 and the time police arrested him this summer in the 1300 block of West Estes.

Every one of the fifteen break-ins was captured on surveillance video, prosecutors said in August. And the state said Moneyham even admitted to using a screwdriver to break into the buildings to steal packages.

Nonetheless, Judge David Navarro allowed Moneyham to go home by posting a $500 deposit bond after his August bond court appearance.

Now, prosecutors say he went right back to work — but he didn’t use a screwdriver this time.

Over the weekend, authorities said Moneyham accessed an apartment building in the 6900 block of North Ashland on October 12 by following a tenant into the complex. Once he got inside, he opened an unclaimed package that contained $300 worth of clothing, prosecutors said. He allegedly put the clothing into a Jewel bag and walked out.

Once again, the entire thing was captured by surveillance cameras and — as you might expect — burglary investigators recognized him from the footage. In fact, one of his other 15 burglary cases involves a break-in at the same building.

After hearing about his newly-filed sixteenth case, Judge John Lyke ordered Moneyham held in lieu of $100,000 bail. Lyke also ordered him held without bail for violating the terms of his bail bond in the pending cases.

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