Shots fired near mayor’s home overnight, police say

Someone fired shots in an alley across from Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s home overnight, according to Chicago police. Officers assigned to protect the perimeter of her house heard the gunfire, smelled gunsmoke, and found shell casings, but no arrests have been made.

A CPD spokesperson said no damage had been found and no one was injured in the incident. Six shell casings were found.

The approximate locations of the mayor’s home (1) and the spot where police found shell casings (2).

“Three shots by the mayor’s house. We need backup,” an officer radioed at 3:04 a.m.

“I smell gunpowder over here,” another cop said.

Here’s audio of the initial transmission from Crime is Down, a public safety resource site:

Chicago police radio traffic after shots were fired near Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s home on March 15, 2021. |

Officers who searched the alley between Bernard and St. Louis avenues found six shell casings about 100 yards south of Lightfoot’s home, according to a CPD report.

The officers saw a gray four-door sedan leaving the alley immediately after the shots were fired, police spokesperson Sally Bown said. Witnesses reported seeing the vehicle flee westbound on Wrightwood.

No motive is known for the shooting, and there is no indication that the mayor was being targeted.

Detectives are investigating.

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