(Updated) Alarming video shows a group attacking a man in the middle of Clark Street in Lincoln Park

The man is seen yelling at the group from across Clark Street (left) and later protecting himself from the attack while lying in the roadway. | Chicago Critter; Provided

A group of young people knocked a man to the pavement in a busy Lincoln Park intersection and then kicked, beat, and pummeled him with objects as passersby stopped to watch on a nearby sidewalk. It happened Friday evening in the middle of Clark Street, just north of North Avenue.

A snippet of video captured before the physical confrontation shows the man yelling at people who are across Clark Street.

“Run up! Run up! Run up! I’m right here,” he yelled at one point.

“You want the pole?” he asked while reaching into his waistband. “I got the pole on me, b*tch.”

“Pole” is slang for a gun.

Police subsequently received a wave of calls about a group of about ten teenagers attacking a man at the intersection around 6:18 p.m. Cops were unable to find the victim, but witnesses told police the group who jumped on him headed into the park and then toward North Avenue Beach.

Video captured by the Uber passenger shows three young men attacking the older man, who is curled up on the pavement, protecting his head. One of the men repeatedly stomps on the man’s body and head. Another throws an object that hits the man in the head and bounces to the pavement. He picks the object up and hurls it into the man’s head again.

Here is the video:

Exactly what transpired before and between the videos is not known, nor do we know how long the man was on the ground before the second video began. However, a man who claims to be the person who got beat up, provided this version of events:

A man who claims to be the one who got beat up provided his version of events to ChicagoCritter on Twitter.

In the footage, people watch the man being assaulted from the nearby sidewalk. A car passes by. A motorcyclist rolls through the frame as if nothing is happening. In some frames you can see a child holding a woman’s hand as one of the men runs past them into the park.

Friday’s incident unfolded in the same area where several hundred people swarmed the streets last month following a social media “takeover” of North Avenue Beach.

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