No injuries reported after shots are fired near Wrigley Field early Sunday

Men run from the sounds of shots fired near Wrigley Field on July 31, 2022. | Earthcam

No injuries were reported after shots were fired on Clark Street near Wrigley Field early Sunday. Video from a nearby webcam showed people running across the ballpark’s plaza and looking back toward the gunfire.

Surveillance video from a nearby business shows two groups of people crossing paths on the sidewalk in front of Shake Shack, 3519 North Clark. A fight broke out for a few seconds, and then the group suddenly broke up as individuals quickly scattered in various directions. . The footage, which does not have audio, was provided to CWBChicago by a source.

The footage shows a CPD squad car sitting in the southbound lane of Clark Street near the group. After the crowd scattered, the squad’s blue lights activated and its driver made a U-turn in front of Shake Shack.

A Chicago police officer reported hearing shots fired near Clark and Addison around 2:25 a.m.

Earthcam’s 24-hour feed from the corner of Clark and Addison captured a loud noise followed by people running away and a woman taunting people who were apparently fleeing the confrontation. The sound can be heard about 11 seconds into the following clip:

Cops said they found two shell casings and a live bullet on Clark Street. A window was also broken, they said.

Police arrested two men, a 26-year-old and a 27-year-old, but a CPD spokesperson said no charges had been filed.

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