Cops warn of pick-pocket team working CTA train lines

Chicago police mass transit investigators are trying to identify a man who allegedly pick-pocketed “multiple” people on the CTA, mainly on a downtown subway platform.

The information bulletin from CPD’s Crime Prevention Information Center said the man seen in these CTA surveillance pictures “works in concert with other unknown people to remove victim’s belongings without their knowledge as they are boarding the train.”

Chicago police are trying to identify this man in connection with a series of pick-pocket incidents in the Loop. | CPD

According to the bulletin, many incidents occurred on Saturday at the Monroe Blue Line platform around 2:21 p.m.

CPD did not release information about how the crew operated. Typically, however, one member of a CTA pick-pocket team blocks the victim’s path while boarding the train as another member takes the target’s wallet. The thieves then remain on the platform while the train takes the victim away.

Anyone with information about the man in the CTA surveillance images can call Det. Bob Slechter at 312-745-4447 regarding case #JF-445518.

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