Oak Street shoplifter evades cop in viral video, but her getaway may be short-lived

A woman suspected of shoplifting from Moncler, 59 West Oak, evades a Chicago police officer on November 16, 2022. | ChicagoCritter

Chicago — A viral video making the rounds shows a woman evading a Chicago police officer as she dashes out of a ritzy Oak Street store with pricey winter coats on Wednesday afternoon. But the clock may be ticking on the woman’s freedom. We’ve been told that investigators know her identity.

A woman is seen leaving Moncler, 59 East Oak, with an armload of merchandise around 2:35 p.m. Wednesday. She boogies into the street, where she is confronted by a man dressed in a Chicago police uniform, but she manages to dodge the cop. Here’s the video:

Then she manages to squeeze herself into the back passenger side of a getaway car, which begins rolling down the street while her leg is still outside the vehicle.

The car, which has a Florida plate, is registered to Hertz. But the woman is not from Florida. A source familiar with the incident said police officers who had arrested the woman identified her from surveillance footage.

We’ll post an update if charges are filed.

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