South Shore carjacker may be just 10 years old, Chicago cops say in community alert

Chicago police are warning South Shore residents about two recent carjackings and a suspect, possibly just ten years old, who punched one of the victims in the face. Detectives released the details in a community alert on Sunday afternoon.

On Thursday, someone snatched the keys from a victim’s hands in the 2100 block of East 70th Street and drove away with their vehicle around 11:33 p.m., the alert said. The suspect was described only as someone wearing a furry jacket with a red and black ski mask.

Just 30 minutes later and only a few hundred feet away, a would-be carjacker opened a driver’s door as they tried to park in the 7000 block of South Merrill, just around the corner from the earlier crime.

Police said an offender, who is 10 to 13 years old, punched the driver in the face and tried to take their car. But the hijacking failed.

According to the alert, the young offender stands 5 feet to 5’7″ tall and wore a hoodie, black jeans, and a mask.

No weapons were seen in either incident.

Anyone with information about the crimes can contact investigators at 312-747-8384 regarding crime alert #P23-1-086CA.