Arsonist throws Molotov cocktail at a parked car in McKinley Park (video)

The fireball grows after the arsonist (left) tosses a canister of fluid into the flames. | Ring

CHICAGO — Home security cameras captured video of a car being firebombed in Chicago early Monday morning. It happened around 1:02 a.m. in the 1600 block of West 32nd Place.

Footage shared on the Ring camera network (see below) begins with a small fire already burning at the tail end of a parked SUV. But the impatient arsonist soon returns to the scene to give the blaze a booster shot.

After parking his pickup in a nearby alley, the firebug walks toward the SUV and tosses a container of flammable liquid toward the flames. He runs back to his truck and drives away as the fire grows.

The Ring post included a description of the arsonist: a Hispanic man, 5’9″ tall, 200 pounds, wearing a black shirt and blue pants. His vehicle is a Ford pickup, the post said.

A Chicago Fire Department truck arrived less than ten minutes after the fire began.