Man damaged Uptown tattoo shop, fought proprietor after being denied a p*nis piercing, Chicago police report says

Cristian Hernandez and the Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing shop. | Chicago Police Department; Google

CHICAGO — An Uptown man stands accused of fighting a tattoo shop proprietor and breaking the store’s glass after the businessman refused to give him a p***s piercing, a Chicago police report says.

Cristian Hernandez, 24, took his 11-month-old baby to Royal Flesh Tattoo and Piercing, 4005 North Broadway, and asked the staff to pierce his manhood late on August 7, the report said. But the shop owner refused and escorted him from the building.

An infuriated Hernandez kicked the store’s glass doors, breaking two panels, and the store owner stepped outside to stop him, the report continued.

Hernandez punched the man several times, bit the man’s hand, and, the report said, used a baby stroller with his child inside “as a human shield.”

The officers wrote in their report that a nearby CPD surveillance camera recorded the entire incident. The video showed Hernandez getting into a physical altercation with a bystander who took his child out of the stroller to “protect it,” according to the report.

Hernandez is charged with misdemeanor counts of battery, criminal damage to property, and child endangerment. He was released from the police station on his own recognizance.