Robbery victim punched mugger in the face, held him for cops: Chicago police report

Juan Oloroso | Chicago Police Department; Multiplottr

CHICAGO — A Chicago man faces robbery charges after he tried to mug a couple on the West Side but wound up getting punched in the nose and grappled into a headlock by one of the victims, according to a CPD arrest report.

A 42-year-old woman and a 45-year-old man were in the 5300 block of West Fullerton early Tuesday when a man walked up and threatened them in Spanish.

“Give me everything, or I will shoot you. I have a firearm,” the offender said, according to an approximation detailed in the police report.

The robber proceeded to take the woman’s purse from her shoulder and started to pat her down for valuables when the male victim slugged him in the nose, the report said. After the mugger socked the man in the face, the man put the robber into a headlock and held him down until cops arrived.

Chicago police arrested 23-year-old Juan Oloroso at the scene. He is charged with aggravated robbery, attempted robbery, and misdemeanor battery.

The report said the male victim suffered bruising to his cheek, but both victims were okay otherwise.

Judge Barbara Dawkins ordered Oloroso to pay a $5,000 bail deposit to get out of jail.

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