Most arrested Chicagoan under ‘cashless bail’ gets arrested 3 more times in 5 days

CHICAGO — Remember Juvenal Coronel? We profiled him in October as the person arrested more than anyone else in Chicago during the first month of cashless bail.

Well, he recently got out of jail after serving a little time.

And he quickly got arrested three more times within five days. Yes, he has been released each time.

Getting you up to speed: Coronel was arrested five times within the first month of cashless bail’s debut on September 18. He kept getting out.

First, he was accused of slapping two women on their buttocks in the 6800 block of North Clark on September 22. He left the police station hours later.

On September 27, Chicago cops arrested him in the 1700 block of West Lunt after a woman accused him of jumping on her hood and punching her window as she stopped for a red light. Again, he walked out of the police station a few hours later.

He was released again after a man accused him of scratching letters into the door of his Jeep in the 1700 block of West Lunt.

Juvenal Coronel is seen in mugshots taken after some of his arrests during the “cashless bail” era. | Chicago Police Department

On October 17, he was arrested and charged with blocking traffic in the 6900 block of North Clark. He left the police station early the following day. That evening, he got arrested again after a driver reported that he was walking in traffic, trying to hit passing cars with a broom in the 6700 block of North Clark.

Finally, after all that, Judge William Fahy ordered Coronel to be detained for violating pretrial release conditions.

In the end, prosecutors dropped all of the cases except for the battery charges he received for slapping the women’s buttocks. Judge Donald Panarese gave him 120 days for that on November 13, and, after getting credit for good behavior, Coronel was released earlier this month.

He already has three cases pending:

He was charged with battery on December 21 for allegedly hitting a 14-year-old boy with a rake near the 7000 block of North Clark. He walked out of the police station less than six hours later.

The next morning, he was arrested for reckless conduct after witnesses said he ran in and out of traffic and placed a shopping cart, milk crates, and hand tools in the traffic lanes of the 7300 block of North Clark. Judge Charles Beach released him from custody the next day.

He got arrested again on Tuesday afternoon. Prosecutors say he walked into McDonald’s, 6740 North Clark, yelling and screaming and throwing trays on the floor. Then, according to the allegations, he went behind the counter and threw a bottle at the manager.

Prosecutors asked Judge Kelly McCarthy to keep Coronel in custody yesterday because he keeps committing new crimes. She said no. When we checked yesterday evening, he had not been arrested again.

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