Man robbed victim at gunpoint exactly 2 weeks after getting probation in a gun case: prosecutors

Derrick Bearden | Chicago Police Department

CHICAGO — Late last year, Derrick Bearden struck a deal with prosecutors. He’d keep his nose clean for two years and do 50 hours of community service. After that, the felony gun charge he faced would be dismissed. He could have it expunged, giving him a clean record and a fresh start.

Exactly two weeks later, officials said yesterday, he robbed a man at gunpoint.

Bearden, 19, is now sitting in the Cook County jail. Judge William Fahy ordered him to be held as a safety threat, twice citing Bearden’s quick violation of probation conditions as a reason he needed to stay off the streets.

The robbery he’s accused of committing happened midday on December 1 in the 2600 block of North Kildare on the Northwest Side.

Prosecutors said Bearden’s accomplice, Rajuan Barnes-Harvey, spotted an Xbox on Craigslist and used that as a ruse to lure in the victim. On November 30, Barnes-Harvey texted the Xbox owner and arranged the meeting.

When the 47-year-old victim arrived, Barnes-Harvey asked him to let his “brother” “inspect” the device, according to the state’s detention petition. At that point, Bearden, posing as the “brother,” put a gun to the victim’s chest and ordered him to hand over the Xbox, according to the allegations.

He took the Xbox and searched the victim for a wallet. Not finding one, he searched the victim’s car. Bearden, still pointing a gun at the victim, warned him not to try to stop the accomplice from going through his vehicle, prosecutors said.

According to the allegations, part of the robbery was caught on video—enough that investigators could identify Bearden. Cops also determined that the phone number used to arrange the meet-up with the victim belonged to Barnes-Harvey.

Chicago police officers arrested him Tuesday when he showed up for a meeting with his probation officer in the gun case. That charge stemmed from an incident on the West Side in June.

Chicago cops said they saw Bearden standing on a sidewalk with a juvenile known for carrying guns in the neighborhood, according to a CPD report. In fact, the juvenile had a rifle under his sweatshirt, the report said. He ran and got away.

Bearden also ran, ditching a defaced pistol as he tried to escape, officials said. The cops caught him and recovered the gun.

Picking up a violent felony charge just two weeks after Judge Peggy Chiampas handed him the potential for a clean slate was among the worst things that could happen to Bearden. If he’s found guilty of the robbery, Chiampas could send him to prison on the gun charge, too, and all of the open doors he would have enjoyed with a clean record will be tightly closed.

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