Man charged with shooting Chicago cop has been AWOL from a federal gun case since 2020

CHICAGO — The man accused of shooting a Chicago police officer and trying to shoot another cop after participating in a smash-and-grab burglary of the Prada store has been AWOL for more than three years from a federal gun case, according to court records.

Deshawn Lucas, who was shot and critically injured during the confrontation with CPD officers, is the first person accused of shooting, killing, or trying to shoot or kill someone in Chicago this year while awaiting trial for a felony.

Officials announced a host of charges against Lucas on Wednesday morning, including two counts of attempted murder.

Later in the day, COPA, the agency that investigates police shootings, released an update confirming that Lucas fired a gun during an exchange of gunfire with officers. The agency said everyone who participated in the burglary fled in vehicles, except Lucas. He tried to get away on foot.

CPD officers spotted him carrying a gun near 1 West Walton and ordered him to stop, COPA said in a press release.

Bodyworn camera footage and private surveillance video recorded the officers’ efforts to stop Lucas and the shooting, according to COPA.

Deshawn Lucas (2019) | Chicago Police Department

Officers who completed Lucas’ arrest report said cops found two guns in his possession: the one he fired and a second pistol equipped with a switch enabling it to fire automatically, like a machine gun.

Lucas could not attend a detention hearing on Wednesday because he remained hospitalized. Judge William Fahy continued the matter until January 17. Fahy did, however, hold Lucas in custody on a U.S. Marshals warrant that has been outstanding since August 2020 in a federal gun case.

The federal charge originated in state court on January 30, 2019, after Chicago police officers said Lucas ran from a car during a traffic stop, leaving a loaded handgun behind. Officials said the wind chill was -20° at the time, and Lucas had to be hospitalized “in part” because of the weather conditions.

Cook County prosecutors charged him with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. State officials dropped the case after the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago opted to pursue a federal gun charge against him, according to court records.

Within months, Lucas pleaded guilty in a deal with prosecutors, who recommended he be given a sentence consistent with federal guidelines.

Lucas’ attorney, Keith Scherer, asked for probation instead, saying his “environment conditioned him to be hyper-vigilant and, in an admittedly improper way, protective of his safety.”

Scherer’s sentencing memorandum said Lucas’ brother, Andre, was murdered when Lucas was in his early teens. That experience caused Lucas to feel “obligated to protect his family because his father was not taking on that responsibility.”

Lucas “has feared he will be shot or killed while living in Chicago … [he] estimated he has lost at least 10 friends as a result of gun violence, and he is just ‘happy to make it home’ each day,” Scherer wrote.

But Lucas stopped showing up for court shortly after entering the plea agreement. A federal warrant has been out for his arrest since August 2020.

The “not horrible” series

This report continues our coverage of individuals accused of killing, shooting, or trying to kill or shoot others awaiting trial for a felony allegation. CWBChicago began our series of reports in November 2019 after Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans publicly stated, “We haven’t had any horrible incidents occur” under the court’s bond reform initiative.

The actual number of murders and shootings committed by people awaiting trial for felony allegations is undoubtedly much higher than the numbers seen here. Since 2017, CPD has brought charges in less than 5% of non-fatal shootings and 33% of murders, according to the city’s data.

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