Man charged with shooting a woman in the face during argument in her ‘nice white neighborhood’

CHICAGO — When a 20-year-old woman was found shot in Jefferson Park early on November 18, Chicago police initially said someone in another car shot her as she rode in a vehicle. After investigating those claims, detectives and prosecutors came to a different conclusion.

This week, they charged 23-year-old Nathan Frazer of Skokie with shooting the woman in the face at point-blank range while riding in a car with three other people.

Officials said a friend drove Frazer to the victim’s apartment around 2 a.m. to hang out with her and two other people. Frazer and the victim had met only once before, in July 2022, prosecutors said.

He arrived holding a bottle of alcohol and quickly became agitated when he misplaced his phone, but he became quiet and kept to himself after finding it in the Lexus he came in. About two hours later, the group all entered the Lexus to give Frazer a ride home, according to a written proffer filed by prosecutors.

Nathan Frazer (Chicago Police Department, Multiplottr)

Frazer sat behind the driver with two others in the back seat while the victim sat in the passenger seat. He became agitated again, yelling for them to take him home, but the driver assured Frazer they were just waiting for the car to heat up, according to the proffer.

As the car started moving, Frazer tried to open the door and get out, yelling that he was going to leave, officials said. The situation reportedly escalated after the victim yelled at him to stop acting up because he could disturb her neighbors.

After Frazer unsuccessfully lunged toward the victim, she yelled that he would not do anything to her “because this is a nice white neighborhood,” the proffer said.

“Who isn’t going to do anything, b***h?” allegedly Frazer replied, in sum and substance, as he pulled a gun from his waistband and immediately shot her in the face.

Prosecutors said the victim bailed out of the moving car to get away, and a woman seated in the back with Frazer got out to help her. The proffer said the victim was hospitalized for six days with a left jaw bone fracture. She had two molars extracted, and her jaw remains wired shut. Prosecutors said it will stay that way for at least two more weeks.

Chicago police tracked down the white Lexus and impounded it after finding specks of blood on the exterior, according to the proffer. More blood and possible evidence were allegedly found inside the car during the execution of a search warrant.

Prosecutors said the man who was driving on the night of the shooting came out as investigators towed the Lexus, telling them he was “just driving and didn’t do anything.” He then asked for a lawyer.

The victim and the woman who got out to help her identified Frazer as the shooter, prosecutors said. He is charged with attempted first-degree murder.

Judge Maryam Ahmad detained Frazer during a court hearing on Thursday, calling him “a danger to everyone.” He is due in court again on Tuesday.

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