Feds charge man with breaking into Chicago FBI headquarters

Antonio Hammond in a 2020 mugshot and a surveillance image of the intruder at FBI headquarters. (Chicago Police Department, U.S. District Court records)

CHICAGO — On the list of unexpected crimes, this one certainly ranks highly: Federal prosecutors have charged a man with burglarizing the FBI’s Chicago field office headquarters on the Near West Side.

Incredibly, officials say Antonio Hammond managed to breach the compound’s security perimeter twice in a matter of hours.

In a newly filed complaint, a Federal Protective Service inspector said Hammond, 37, first scaled the bureau’s outer fence around 6:50 p.m. on October 22 and then climbed onto the roof of a building within the complex at 2111 West Roosevelt.

Dispatchers sent the inspector to the scene. He allegedly found Hammond still on the roof, yelling that the FBI owed him money and he was going to get it. The agent said he recognized Hammond and Hammond’s voice because he cited him several months earlier for disturbing the peace at the Kluczynski Federal Building in the Loop.

Hammond eventually came down, and the Chicago Fire Department took him to the UIC Hospital for a mental evaluation.

Just three hours later, Hammond returned to FBI headquarters, scaled the fence, climbed over a second fence, and then made his way to the main entrance. Surveillance video shows he violently pulled on the doors until they broke open, the agent alleged. He pushed through a second set of doors to access the lobby.

At one point, police officers saw him rattling the doors and ordered him to stop. Hammond allegedly replied, “F** the police,” and continued to force his way in.

Once inside, he picked up a phone, dialed 0 to reach the FBI internal operations center, and demanded to speak with an agent, according to the complaint.

Chicago police officers apprehended him inside the building.

The complaint said he permanently damaged the front doors’ lock mechanisms, which cost $14,182 to repair—$4,484 in parts and assembly and $9,698 in labor and “other fees,” according to the filing.

He is charged with depredation of U.S. government property.

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