Cops impound irritating ATVs when drivers stop for Shake Shack in Wrigleyville (video)

Chicago police officers impound “non-highway vehicles” in Wrigleyville on May 5, 2024 (@tnertz)

Chicago police seized eight “non-highway vehicles” when a group of pesky ATV riders decided to park and grab a bite at Shake Shack in Wrigleyville on Sunday evening. A video of local cops loading the impounded rides onto a flatbed trailer quickly sent positive vibes across the internet.

CPD’s helicopter notified Town Hall (19th) District officers about a caravan of street-illegal ATVs heading north on Lake Shore Drive at Belmont shortly before 6 p.m. But no enforcement action was immediately taken.

About an hour later, though, the off-roaders buzzed into Wrigleyville, where the usual contingent of Chicago police units were patrolling Clark Street after the afternoon Cubs game. Unwisely, the bikers parked their rides while making a pit stop at Shake Shack, 3519 North Clark. The cops immediately moved in on the unattended ATVs. We’re told no arrests were made.

Videos of the cops corraling the bikes and loading them onto a flatbed trailer popped up on Twitter, thanks to @tnertz. (A police source confirmed that CPD never chased the bikers, as it may have appeared.) Check out the clips:

So, how did the cops get a squad car outfitted with a flatbed trailer so quickly? We’re told you can thank the Chicago Cubs for that generous donation.

You see, the ball team bought the trailer for the local police district so officers could transport heavy, yellow metal street barricades known as “Meridian barriers.” You’ve probably seen the increasingly popular traffic control system at big events. At Wrigley, CPD uses it to block streets around the park during games and concerts. You can see a set of Meridian barriers in these pictures of a shooting scene near the Friendly Confines on Sunday morning.

The yellow Meridian barrier system is seen at right in this photo of a shooting near Wrigley Field on May 5, 2024. (Provided)
Part of the Meridian barrier system is seen at right in this photo of a shooting near Wrigley Field on May 5, 2024. (Provided)
A close-up image of a Meridian barrier unit staged at Broadway and Diversey for the 2023 Chicago Pride Parade (CWBChicago)

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