Woman shot in Edgewater — at the same address where 3 others have been shot since May 22

Police and fire personnel at the scene of a shooting in the 6000 block of North Kenmore on June 6, 2024 (Citizen App)

CHICAGO — A woman shot in Edgewater on Thursday evening was shot at the exact same address where three other people have been shot in two separate incidents since May 22, according to Chicago police reports.

The shooting occurred in the 48th ward, where Ald. Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth announced last week that she would no longer disseminate information about crime in the ward to her constituents unless they “opted in” to a special email list.

After the first shooting occurred outside 6002 North Kenmore on May 22, before she swore off her responsibility to inform voters about activities in her ward, Manaa-Hoppenworth assured the public that the shooting was “isolated.”

Yet, three days later, another man was shot outside at the same address.

And, now, a woman has been shot outside the building, too.

At about 9:19 p.m., the 23-year-old victim was sitting in front when a dark sedan pulled up and someone fired shots toward her, according to a Chicago police media statement. A bullet struck the woman’s abdomen. CPD said she was in good condition at St. Francis Hospital.

Officers at the scene said they found about 15 shell casings at the scene. No arrests have been made.

Eleven people have been shot in Edgewater so far this year, a number 120% higher than all of last year, with four of this year’s victims being shot outside 6002 North Kenmore. There were eleven people shot in the neighborhood during all of 2021.

Residents of the 6000 block of North Kenmore might want to know what in the world is going on. But one person they probably shouldn’t ask is the person they elected to represent them in the City Council. She thinks informing people about crime is racist and leads to a perception of increased crime. Of course, having four people shot on your block in less than three weeks can affect one’s perception, too.

After we broke the news about Manaa-Hoppenworth’s decision, she spoke with the Sun-Times, offering an explanation that seemed to suggest she believed the reporting of hate crimes could be “weaponized” and might result in more “surveillance” by police, a negative in her book, as they try to find the people responsible for the crimes.

Earlier this week, a gunman fired shots at a man as he parked his car in the 48th ward, according to CPD. He told police four men started tapping on his driver’s window, and he sped away, fearing that he was about to be robbed or carjacked.

True to her word, the alderman did not tell her constituents about that.

As we reported last week, year-to-date shooting incidents in the 48th ward are at the highest level since 2015, according to the city’s data portal. As of May 13, 41 robberies had been reported this year in Manaa-Hoppenworth’s ward. That’s up 78% compared to the same time last year, and it’s the highest number of year-to-date robberies since 2012.

Also at the highest level in her ward since at least 2012 are criminal sexual assaults. There have been 14 reported so far this year, up from six at this point last year.

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