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FOOT PURSUIT: Five Arrested Southwest of Belmont L Station

Sunday 14 April 20132:27 AMChicago Police Department Case #HW232234 Five occupants of a vehicle were arrested on as-yet unknown charges southwest of the Belmont L station. One suspect, described as a white Hispanic man, fled southbound in the alley behind N. Kenmore from W. Barry Avenue. He was apprehended in the garage at 3020 N.


LIGHTER SIDE: Idling Papa John's Delivery Car Stolen, Recovered

Sunday14 April 20132:02 AMChicago Police Department Case # NO REPORT WAS TAKEN. REPORT: An idling Papa John’s delivery car was stolen from Buckingham and Broadway. The hot silver Toyota Tercel was last seen heading northbound on Halsted. RESOLUTION: The vehicle was immediately spotted one block away, abandoned outside of Minibar by a police unit that