VICTORY PARTY: Lincoln Park Businesses Hardest Hit; Windows Broken From Near Diversey to Fullerton

UPDATED: Exclusive CWB photos of the damage are posted here.

Wrigleyville’s Stanley Cup Championship street party in honor of the Chicago Blackhawks was gradually pushed down Clark Street by Chicago Police early this morning. The pushing kept going all the way to Diversey Boulevard, a full mile south of Wrigley Field.

A bit after 1:00AM,  a group of men got around the police department’s southern defenses and slowed police pursuit by pulling construction debris and Dumpsters into Clark Street from the Walgreens construction project at Diversey and Clark/Broadway.

Once the hooligans were free from police, they broke 20 to 30 storefront windows along Clark from Drummond Place (2700 north) to Fullerton (2400 north).

Here are highlights from the night:

10:27PM: Officers report that the crowd has figured out how to lift the barricades along Clark. Some barricades may not be properly interlocked.
10:29PM: 19thdistrict commander calls for tactical teams and squadrols to move to Clark Street in Wrigleyville. A significant secondary disturbance breaks out in the 2400 bock of N. Lincoln Avenue, north of Fullerton.
10:48PM: 911 callers report that police are overrun and barricades are turned over at Clark and Roscoe.
10:50PM: Barricades are being thrown at Clark and Roscoe.
10:53PM: Tactical units prepare to follow mounted units down Clark Street from the north in Wrigleyville.

11:05PM: Lincoln Avenue disturbance is beginning to subside.
11:08PM: Citizen needs to file a report. His car is undriveable because the crowd jumped up and down on it at 2517 N. Lincoln.  Dispatcher: “Tell him to have a smoke. It’s gonna be a while.” Citizen is advised to take a cab or walk to the station to file a report.
11:19PM: Officer reports a theft at 3455 N. Clark Street.
11:24PM: “50 idiots jumping on cars” north of Roscoe on Clark.
11:26PM: 100 people picking up, manhandling barricades near the Red Ivy bar, 3525 N. Clark
11:27PM: Medical attention needed for woman with a gash on her eye at Red Ivy.
11:34PM: Officers released from the Lincoln Avenue disturbance
11:50PM: Begin pushing the crowd south on Clark street from Newport.
11:57PM: Police officer injured at 3500 N. Clark. Officer is transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
12:03AM: Plain clothes officers report an uprising at Clark and Eddy that they cannot handle since they are undercover.
12:10AM: Manpower needed at Clark and Newport. Bottles thrown. Approximately 10 arrests are made.
12:13AM: Plain clothes officers report that Sluggers Bar, 3540 N. Clark, seems to be the nucleus of trouble around Clark and Eddy. “An active crowd.”
12:20AM: Vice officers are asked to begin license checks of some bars on Clark Street.
12:28AM Liquor violation issued to a bar at Clark and Sheffield. Case #HW333939
12:31AM: Clark and Belmont is getting very bad.
12:31AM: Officers witness a battery in progress. Clark and Belmont.
12:36AM: Officer inquiry: Is the Red Line shut down? People cannot get out of here after we move them along. Answer: Yes, it is, to keep more people from coming to the area.
12:41AM: A couple of hundred people at Belmont and Clark “and they ain’t moving.”
12:52AM: Jumping on cars at Southport and Addison.
12:52AM: Cop: Try opening the Addison Red Line so some of these people can get out of here. No response.
12:54AM: Man “laid out” on the street at 3554 N. Sheffield. He cannot move himself to medics, bring medics to him
12:54AM: Crowd taking over Belmont and Sheffield. They’re coming down Belmont from Clark Street.
12:56AM: Officer inquiry: Is the Red Line closed?
1:01AM: Need a squadrol at 3037 N. Clark to transport arrestees.
102AM: People in the street, swarming and jumping on cars in traffic at Clark and Wellington.
1:06AM: North of Diversey, crowd pulls Dumpsters out of alley and into Clark Street to block southbound police forces.
1:08AM: Officers are available to leave Clark and Roscoe
1:09AM: One female arrested at Clark and Aldine.
1:10AM: Officery inquirty: Can someone open the Red Line at Addison
1:10AM: Command officer says Red Line is now open.
1:14AM: Numerous businesses have their windows busted out on Clark Street, south of Diversey. Commander on scene estimates 30 businesses affected.
1:19AM: Police helicopter: A group is busting windows at in the 2450 block of North Clark, near Fullerton
1:21AM: Big uprising at Southport and Addison, crowd throwing bottles at police.
1:24AM: Ambulance needed for battery victim on Belmont,  just east of the Red Line.
1:26AM: Two arrested at 3250 N. Clark.
1:42AM: Officers report “gangbangers” jumping on cars from Southport all the way to Ashland.
1:44AM: Officers ask to have the Red Line opened at Addison. They just cleared the street, but the people can’t go away. CTA on scene says Red Line isn’t running yet.
1:45AM: Okay, they’ll start the Red Line now.
2:27AM: Police helicopter released from duty.

UPDATE 25 JUNE 2013: Added link to photos. Reconstructed story opening for clarity.
UPDATE 26 JUNE 2013: Deleted a couple of particularly uninteresting entries. Added walk to the station to file a report link
UPDATE 5 JULY 2013: Added liquor violation case number.

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