Off-duty cop knocked out while intervening in Wrigleyville disturbance; “You can’t help him. He’s the police!”

An off-duty police officer who intervened in a disturbance is hospitalized this morning after being knocked unconscious by an offender who then went through his pockets as he lay on the corner of Clark and Addison early this morning.

Two people are in custody, but the primary offender remains at large, police said. The entire incident was captured on a Chicago Police Department pod camera at 12:41AM.

CWB Chicago has independently secured a recording of the attack that, incredibly, reveals that one of the people the cop tried to help repeatedly urged her boyfriend to leave the unconscious cop lying on the street:

“He’s the police,” the woman says before first responders arrive. “You can’t help him. He’s the police! The police ain’t helping nobody!”

Based on our review of the recording, a disagreement develops on the street between a woman and a man who said that the woman’s boyfriend had “disrespected” him.  The boyfriend arrives on the corner and the situation quickly escalates. Soon, a voice can be heard repeatedly shouting “STOP! Off-duty police!”

About 15-seconds after the off-duty officer arrives, he is blindsided and knocked unconscious by a punch to the head. Video reviewed by CWB Chicago editors shows the intersection of Clark and Addison bustling with traffic at the time of the attack.

The driver of Yellow Taxi cab 4737 sits in his car on Addison staring directly at the commotion. Two other cabs are also seeng driving slowly past the intersection, but their vehicle numbers are not identifiable in the video.

Police detained two offenders in the 3400 block of N. Clark Street shortly after the incident and both were positively identified by witnesses. The main offender who punched the officer and then went through his pockets has not been found.

He is described as a black man wearing a black shirt with white pants and white shoes.

“He’s the police! You can’t help him!”

The recording reviewed by CWB Chicago shows that the girlfriend repeatedly tried to get her boyfriend to leave the scene and abandon the off-duty cop as he lie on the street. Here is a transcript:

Male: [unintelligible]…disrespecting me.
Girlfriend: Stop. Stop. He’s my boyfriend. Stop. Stop.
Boyfriend: WHAT? Hey!
[Traffic noise / Unintelligible talking/yelling]
Boyfriend: What are you doing? Don’t do it! HEY! Watch out!
Girlfriend: Oh! Stop!
[Traffic noise / Unintelligible yelling]
Boyfriend: Oh f**k!
Girlfriend: Get off my man yo! Get off my man!
Boyfriend: Hey! Hey!
Girlfriend; Get off my man! Stop! Stop!
Officer: Off-duty police! Get off!
Girlfriend: What the f**k!
Officer: STOP! Off duty police! Get off! Get off! Off duty police!
Boyfriend: Who. Hey, hey. No! Hey Hey! Hey! Whoa whoa whoa.
[Off-duty officer is knocked unconscious]
Boyfriend: Oh my God! [Unintelligible]. I don’t give a f**k. [Horns honking / Unintelligible yelling and talking]
Unknown male 1: Daaaamn! Damn! Knocked the f**k out! Damn! That s***’s ratchet! Daaaamn!
Unknown male 2: He knocked the po-po out.
Boyfriend: Oh! That’s a cop?
Unknown male 2: Yeah. He’s f**king knocked out.
Boyfriend: Hey! You OK? Hey! Hey? Are you OK?
Girlfriend: [Name withheld] Just go!
Unknown male 1: World Star!
Boyfriend: You OK? You OK?
Officer: Can you help me?
[Unintelligible / Traffic]
Girlfriend: That guy’s a f**king cop!
Boyfriend: I know. I know.
[Traffic noise]
Girlfriend: You ain’t helping nobody! Let’s go. He’s the police. You can’t help him. He’s the police! The police ain’t helping nobody!
Girlfriend: F**k him! He’s drunk! Let’s go! You f**ked up right now! F**k him, he’s the police. You f**ked up right now!  Let’s go! Let’s go!
Boyfriend: God damn it! What the f**k is wrong with you?
Girlfriend: What the f**k you want to do for him [name withheld]?
Boyfriend: Help. Stay here until…help arrives! Look! Look at this! Look at this! What the f**k is wrong with you? You know what? You get the f**k out of my life! F**k you!
Girlfriend: You are evil.
[Cross-talking. Approaching sirens. Police arrive.]
Boyfriend: He came to my aid. There were two guys. One was verbally hitting on my girlfriend and I was like “what are you doing.” One of these guys tried to jump on me and that’s when this guy who got hit got f**king blindsided.
Girlfriend: Let’s go.
Boyfriend: Let me be a good citizen, OK?
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