Clark/Diversey re-opened after cops investigate abandoned pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is seen in the photo at left. | Twitter.

Authorities have reopened the intersection of Clark and Diversey after special teams from the police and fire departments investigated a pressure cooker that was found lying next to a trash can.

A photo posted to Twitter showed a Chicago police sergeant standing near the pot, which was sitting next to a garbage can on the 600 block of West Diversey as two people looked on from inside Stan’s Donuts.

Police vehicles block off the intersection of Clark and Diversey. | CWBChicago

Officers first responded to the area after an anonymous caller reported seeing the pressure cooker around 7:45 p.m. As of 9:10 p.m., police had prohibited foot and vehicle traffic within a two block radius of the bustling intersection, which had been thick with commuters and people enjoying a beautiful night out.

Bomb technicians deployed a device to neutralize any potential explosives around 9:20 p.m. and the area was re-opened to traffic about 30 minutes later.

Police units from neighboring districts were brought in to assist with normal police dispatch matters while Town Hall District officers concentrated on the suspicious object incident.

Bomb and arson investigators are looking into the incident.