Burberry raiders escape with coats, purses after attempts fail at two nearby stores

After shoplifting raids failed at two popular targets near the Magnificent Mile on Saturday afternoon, one of the city’s ubiquitous theft mobs succeeded in taking about $10,000 worth of merchandise from the crime-weary Burberry store, 633 North Michigan, a couple of hours later, according to a CPD report.

Three men wearing masks and gloves entered the company’s flagship store around 6:30 p.m. and ran out with two coats and four purses worth about $10,000 total, an officer said, citing initial estimates.

That’s a relatively light haul for a three-person team, and it’s one of the least damaging thefts Burberry has experienced lately.

According to witnesses, the men escaped in a car that was waiting for them in an alley north of the store.

Earlier on Saturday, a group of about ten men wearing ski masks exited two SUVs and tried to enter Moncler, 33 East Oak, at 4:30 p.m.

But the store, which is keeping its doors locked to ward off retail raiders, didn’t let them in.

A witness reported that one of the men shouted, “you got lucky,” as they all returned to the SUVs and headed east on Oak Street.

A few minutes before the failed Moncler raid, the same group was seen outside Ikram, 15 East Huron. Once again, they were turned away before entering the store.

Burberry lost over $100,000 in merchandise to burglars who broke through the store’s front door on January 4 and again on January 6.

An off-duty Chicago police officer was injured during a shoplifting raid as she worked private security at Bottega Veneta, 800 North Michigan, on January 23.

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