Video: Red hot customer assaults staff, breaks window in COVID dispute at Wiener Circle

Rude, sometimes vile, banter between customers and employees is par for the course at Wieners Circle, the famed late-night hot dog joint at 2622 North Clark. But one customer turned red hot around 6:30 Wednesday evening when the staff asked him to put on a face mask, the restaurant said in social media posts.

“We refused service to a customer who wouldn’t put on a mask and they threw a brick through our window,” the shop said in a frankly-worded tweet. This morning, they clarified that the brick went through their glass door.

But, the Circle added, things could have been wurst: “We’re happy to say it’s repairable!”

The guy mustard been stupid to think the restaurant would let the incident slide. On Thursday morning, Wieners Circle posted video footage, and asked for help identifying the offender. Watch:

The restaurant also shared the license plate of a vehicle that it says the offender used.

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