2 men robbed of bicycles in Bucktown park

CHICAGO — Two people were robbed of their bicycles in a Bucktown park on Monday evening, according to a Chicago police report. Minutes later, two men riding bikes robbed a young couple near the University of Illinois-Chicago. Police are trying to determine if the cases are related.

In Bucktown, a 27-year-old man was at Churchill Field Park in the 1800 block when two offenders walked up around 10:18 p.m., police said. The men displayed guns and ordered him to surrender his bike. He complied. A second man with the victim was also robbed of his bike but chose not to file a police report.

Churchill Field Park is just off the Bloomington Trail.

A short time later, a man and woman, both 18, were robbed in the 700 block of South Loomis. They were outside when two men rode up on bikes, and one offender grabbed the male victim, a CPD spokesperson said.

The robbers said they were armed, took the victims’ property, then pedaled away, heading west on Polk Street.

The Bucktown robbers were described as two Black males who appeared to be about 15 years old. One wore a gray hoodie, and the other wore a dark hoodie.

On Loomis, the robbers were described as two young Black males. One wore a gray sweatshirt and the other a blue sweatshirt.

Police said no injuries were reported. No arrests have been made.