4-time burglar is arrested for burglary 5 days after getting out of prison

CHICAGO — Last Friday, June 16, was a big day for Ruben Sandoval. He got out of prison after serving half of a six-year sentence for burglary. Five days later, he got trapped in a security gate while trying to burglarize a West Side grocery store, prosecutors say.

Chicago police freed him from the gate and arrested him.

“Well, I haven’t broken in yet,” Sandoval allegedly told the officers. That’s probably why he’s charged with attempted burglary.

The store owner called the police after he saw a video feed showing Sandoval trying to break the store’s window with a rock around 10:34 p.m. Wednesday, Assistant State’s Attorney John Kyle said.

When cops arrived, they found Sandoval stuck between a security gate and the store’s front door, Kyle continued.

Ruben Sandoval | Chicago Police Department

Before landing his current six-year sentence for burglary, Sandoval received two three-year sentences for burglary in 2019 and probation for burglary in 2015, according to Kyle. He also picked up a 30-month sentence for escaping electronic monitoring in 2015.

But, in a bit of additional good news, state authorities have not moved to revoke his parole due to the latest allegations.

Sandoval’s defense attorney said Sandoval is “complying with conditions” of living at a halfway house.

Judge Charles Beach set bail at $5,000. Sandoval must post 10% of that to get out of jail.