8 years for man who tried to kidnap 5-year-old from her mother (video)

Gerardo Posadas (inset) and a frame from video of the alleged kidnapping attempt. | Chicago Police Department

CHICAGO — A man who tried to kidnap a 5-year-old girl from her mother, only to be caught after his ex-girlfriend recognized him in a surveillance video released by Chicago police, has been sentenced to eight years.

Gerardo Posadas, 26, pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated kidnapping of a child under 13 with an intellectual disability, according to court records. Judge Adrienne Davis handed down the eight-year sentence and ordered Posadas to submit a DNA sample to a law enforcement database.

At around noon on September 8, 2022, the girl and her mother were walking home from running errands in Belmont Cragin when Posadas approached them. Prosecutors said the mother was having a bad day and agreed to take a shot of alcohol that Posadas offered her while making small talk. She then continued on her way with the child.

About five minutes later, Posadas reappeared as the mother and child walked along the 5100 block of West Fullerton. Prosecutors said he offered to buy the girl from her mother for $150. She declined the offer and began to walk away with her child.

But Posadas grabbed the girl’s pocket and then her hair. He fled when the woman threatened to kill him. Chicago police released surveillance video of the kidnapping attempt, hoping someone would recognize the man. Posadas’ ex saw the footage and called detectives, prosecutors said.

Posadas allegedly told police during an interview that he did look like the man in the video, but he denied having any memory of the event.

Posadas will be eligible for release after serving 85% of his sentence in June 2029.