16-year-old who accidentally shot and killed his younger brother in 2020 participated in the murder of a 17-year-old girl this summer, prosecutors say

CHICAGO — On the West Side three years ago, four kids were left home alone. Two brothers, 13-year-old Adrien and 9-year-old Ashton Lipscomb, went into their father’s bedroom and grabbed two guns that, prosecutors claimed, were left unlocked and unattended. They played with the weapons until Adrien accidentally fired his gun, leaving Ashton dead.

Their father pleaded guilty to child endangerment in January and received probation.

This week, Adrien now 16, was charged with first-degree murder in connection with a shooting that left a teenage girl dead in August. He was detained by Judge Susana Ortiz during a hearing on Tuesday afternoon and will be tried as an adult.

The events leading up to the shooting began around 4 p.m. on August 19 as four friends, ages 14 to 17, walked into the BP station at Bloomingdale and Central, Assistant State’s Attorney Erin McMannon told Ortiz.

At the same time, Lipscomb, an accomplice who remains at large, and three friends were walking out of the store.

Surveillance video showed Lipscomb grabbing and trying to remove a backpack from a 16-year-old boy in the victims’ group, McMannon continued. Lipscomb then followed the 16-year-old into the gas station and pointed a firearm at the boy’s face, McMannon said, citing video evidence.

Lipscomb and his companions all left the store. McMannon said the four victims walked out a few minutes later.

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The station’s surveillance footage showed Lipscomb returning to the BP in a stolen Subaru and then driving toward the group of victims down the street, McMannon said, according to a transcript of the court proceeding.

Two of the victims told police they saw someone in the Subaru’s back seat wearing a black mask and gloves open fire on them, McMannon continued. CPD video shows gunsmoke and muzzle flashes coming from the car’s driver’s side, she said.

The two victims who saw the gunmen escaped injury, but one bullet struck 17-year-old A’Shuntice Wilburn. She died from her wounds. Another person in the group was shot and survived after undergoing surgery.

A’Shuntice Wilburn | National Gun Violence Memorial

Residential security cameras recorded video of Lipscomb and the gunman walking away from the Subaru after they dumped it in a nearby alley, McMannon claimed.

Assistant Public Defender Joseph Crawford reminded the judge that Lipscomb was not accused of firing the gun.

“Now, I understand the state can pursue this under accountable theory,” Crawford said, according to the transcript, “but there still needs to be some sort of a common design or plan here for my client to have been guilty of the offense of first-degree murder.”

Lipscomb’s only previous brush with the law was an attempted possession of motor vehicle matter that was diverted in 2022, according to McMannon.

That weighs in his favor, Crawford argued, adding that Lipscomb lives with his grandmother and serves as her caretaker, driving her to doctor’s appointments and looking after her medications.

“The first person in the entire interaction to pull out a gun is this defendant on video with his face visible,” McMannon countered. “And he is 16 years old, pointing guns at people in public places, stores.”

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