Kia Boy who injured passengers in 80 mph crash gets 3-year sentence

Taylor GIlbert | Cook County sheriff’s office; TommyGMcGee

CHICAGO — A “Kia Boy” who crashed a stolen car while fleeing police at 80 mph, then ran from the scene as two of his passengers remained in the wreckage with broken bones, has been handed a three-year sentence.

Taylor Gilbert, 19, was already on bail for another felony stolen motor vehicle case and a separate misdemeanor case involving a stolen car when police saw him driving a Kia Forte near 83rd and Vincennes in January, prosecutors said.

Chicago cops noticed the Kia’s side window was broken, which is common among stolen cars, and its headlights were off. So, they popped a U-turn and tried to pull it over.

Gilbert sped away, ran a red light, weaved in and out of lanes, cut across the median into oncoming traffic, and then returned to the correct lane as he reached speeds of 80 mph in a 35 mph zone, prosecutors alleged shortly after his arrest.

The police backed off because Gilbert was driving so erratically, but they watched from a distance as he jumped another median to avoid traffic stopped for a red light. He lost control and crashed into a utility pole in the 9300 block of South Western Avenue, just across the border with suburban Evergreen Park.

Gilbert ran from the wreckage, but police arrested him nearby.

Two 15-year-olds who were riding in the Kia weren’t so lucky. One suffered a broken femur, and the other suffered broken bones, too, officials said.

Police officers confirmed that the Kia had been stolen from Blue Island on the day before the crash. Its steering column had been stripped.

Prosecutors charged Gilbert with possessing a stolen motor vehicle, aggravated fleeing causing bodily injury, and aggravated reckless driving causing bodily harm.

Last week, he pleaded guilty to possessing a stolen motor vehicle in exchange for a three-year sentence from Judge Stanley Sacks. Prosecutors dropped five other felonies.

Sacks ordered the sentence to run concurrent with whatever Gilbert receives in the suburban auto theft case, should he be convicted. He’s due in court for that case on December 28. Prosecutors dropped the misdemeanor criminal trespass to a vehicle case Gilbert faced in May.

His sentences will be reduced by 50% for good behavior and by more than 350 credit days he earned while in custody.

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