Suburban man threatened to ‘shoot up’ Oak Park police station, suburban VA hospital: feds

Federal prosecutors have charged a Berwyn man with threatening to “shoot up” a suburban Chicago veteran’s hospital and the Oak Park Police Department. Nicholas J. Stiso, 30, was arrested this week and is being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago until a detention hearing is held next week, according to court records.

In a newly unsealed criminal complaint, a Department of Veteran Affairs agent said Stiso made a variety of violent threats during phone calls to a veteran’s crisis line on December 21 and December 24. He is charged with transmitting an interstate threat.

His first call to the hotline connected him with a crisis worker based in Florida, the agent said. During the conversation, which was recorded, he allegedly said he wanted to kill an unnamed police officer who was investigating the death of his girlfriend. He also threatened to kill the detective’s family, according to the complaint.

The agent said she determined that an Oak Park police detective had “worked with Stiso” while investigating the overdose death of Stiso’s girlfriend in November 2022.

Calling himself a “pissed off veteran,” Stiso said he would “go into a cop station and shoot it up,” the agent alleged. Asked who he was thinking of harming or killing, he allegedly responded, “Any cop I could get my hands on.”

“I already selected my target. So that’s cool. It’s going to be the department that didn’t get justice for my girl who passed away,” Stiso allegedly continued, adding that he would arrange to meet with the detective in an office and “go from there.”

“I’m gonna get revenge for my girl. I’m gonna go fuck in that department [Oak Park Police Department] I’m gonna shoot that fucking place up and that’s what’s fucking gonna be it. I haven’t decided when I am going to do it but it is going to be soon … no one’s going to be able to stop me,” the agent quoted Stiso as saying.

Nicholas Stiso’s VA card, which he posted on Facebook. | Facebook

“I am going to shoot them dead. Listen I don’t give a shit, I really don’t want to be here either, but I want to take them out. I want to get the fucking detective and take him out,” the agent’s quote continued. “I have the right to take his life … and if somehow I get out of there alive … I would take his state ID from his wallet and I’d go after his family, the kids would be next … I think his civilian car he drives is a red car.” [Note CWBChicago is publishing quotes as they appear in the criminal complaint without corrections.]

The agent noted that the detective who investigated the death of Stiso’s girlfriend does not own a red car.

Stiso called the helpline again on Christmas Eve and was connected with a counselor in New York State, the agent wrote.  He directed his threats during that call toward the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital and his VA social worker.

“Yeah, I’m about to shoot up the Hines VA,” he allegedly stated, warning the counselor that “you’re about to have Columbine come to the Hines VA.”

The agent’s complaint said he went on to make terrorism-related statements.

“Hezbollah already has fucking sleeper cells in America, dumb ass, cannot wait to fucking join them the fuck up and bomb this fucking country,” he allegedly told the counselor. “I have thought about joining Hamas and bombing America.”

The agent briefly detailed Stiso’s criminal background: a 2020 arrest and subsequent conviction for possessing a firearm in Berwyn and a 2020 gun arrest in Riverside that was reduced to criminal damage.

A contemporaneous news report said Stiso possessed a license to own guns in Illinois, but not a concealed carry license, at the time of those arrests.

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