Probation for coach who forged employment records for electronic monitoring participants

Edmond Pryor’s staff ID (Instagram)

CHICAGO — A former City Colleges of Chicago basketball coach has pleaded guilty to forging employment records so people on electronic monitoring (EM) for pending criminal cases could move around the city for jobs they didn’t really have.

Edmond Pryor, 44, received a sentence of 24 months of probation with 180 hours of community service from Judge Sophia Atcherson. If Pryor successfully completes probation, Atcherson will dismiss the case, making him eligible to have the matter expunged in a few years.

Public records show City Colleges fired Pryor in 2019 following an unrelated internal investigation. However, that investigation uncovered suspicious documents on Pryor’s work computer, prompting a separate investigation by the Cook County sheriff’s police.

Officials said the documents included phone and fax numbers that investigators linked to Pryor and to “several individuals” who were on the Cook County Sheriff’s Office electronic monitoring program.

Pryor faxed false employment records from his work computer and two phone numbers linked to Pryor received nearly 100 calls from the number the sheriff’s office uses to verify the employment of EM participants. He also received calls from court representatives and prosecutors during the alleged fraud.

Other documents included forged pay stubs and documents claiming that EM participants worked for UPS and Amazon. Officials stated that Pryor was compensated for his services, but they did not know how much he was paid.

One of Pryor’s customers did not fare nearly as well at sentencing. Desmond White received a four-year prison sentence when he pleaded guilty to forgery before Judge Michael McHale.

While awaiting trial in 2019, White submitted documentation to the sheriff’s office to get permission to travel around the city as a UPS driver. However, investigators looking into Pryor’s alleged forgery operation learned that White never worked for UPS, his documents were not genuine, and the contact information on the paperwork White provided was not associated with the company.

Phone records show that White “almost immediately” contacted Pryor anytime White had a conversation with the sheriff’s EM staff, a prosecutor said.

A second client of Pryor’s, Anthony Younger, also received a probation sentence when he pleaded guilty to forgery in March.

Younger allegedly presented documentation, purportedly from Amazon, to the Cook County sheriff’s office in 2018 so he could leave home to work for the company while on electronic monitoring. Amazon told investigators that Younger had never worked for the company and that the documents he presented to officials were fakes that were not in the company’s standard format.

At least four other men who allegedly benefited from Pryor’s operation have been charged.

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