Man kidnapped victim from River North bar strip, forced him to make ATM withdrawals en route to casino: prosecutors

Jaqwan Wooden and a view of the location where prosecutors say he abducted the victim. (Cook County Sheriff’s Office, Google)

CHICAGO — A Chicago man has been charged with kidnapping another man from a popular River North bar district and forcing him to make ATM withdrawals as he drove the victim toward the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond.

The men never made it to the casino because the victim managed to escape when Jaqwan Wooden, 38, stopped at a Citgo gas station along the way, officials said Wednesday.

Wooden allegedly forced the 24-year-old Streeterville resident into a car on Hubbard Street, just west of State Street, on November 5. Prosecutors said he refused to let the man go despite the victim’s repeated pleas.

According to the allegations, Wooden stopped at a Chase Bank ATM and forced the victim to make four withdrawals totaling $460.

“I’ll f*****g kill your a**,” Wooden allegedly threatened as he forced the man back into the vehicle. There, he informed the victim that he was taking him to the Horseshoe.

When the victim balked and asked to be let out, Wooden allegedly struck the man and forced him to unlock his phone so he could try to Zelle money out of the victim’s account, officials said.

But when Wooden made a pitstop at a Citgo, the victim grabbed his phone and escaped, according to prosecutors.

Judge Caroline Glennon-Goodman detained Wooden because she considered him to be a public safety risk. He is charged with robbery and unlawful restraint.

Court records show he was convicted of aggravated robbery in 2013. His earlier felony convictions include two drug charges and a 2006 burglary.

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