Arsonist set 3 fires in an Uptown condo building stairwell Friday, police say

An arsonist set three fires in the stairwell of a high-rise condo building in Uptown Friday morning. No arrests have been made. Police said there were no injuries reported.

The Imperial Towers condo high-rises, 4250 North Marine Drive. | Google Earth

The Chicago Fire Department responded to the call at 4250 North Marine Drive at 5:42 a.m., according to dispatch records. A police spokesperson said fires were set on three floors in the stairwell. The arsonist also set fire hoses and their holders ablaze, according to CPD

Management of Imperial Towers told residents in an email that the fires were set in the north tower of the complex, which has two 29-story high-rises.

The fire department started to clear residents from the north tower, but then decided to have people shelter in their units, the management company wrote.

CPD’s arson unit is investigating the fires, a spokesperson said.

Two years ago, an arsonist set a series of rubbish fires in the stairwell of a high-rise apartment complex in Old Town. Managers of that building later revealed that the firebug turned out to be a juvenile who lived in the building.

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