Chicago man participated in $210,000 Louis Vuitton raid while on parole for $46,000 Prada raid: prosecutors

CHICAGO — A man charged this week with participating in a $210,000 shoplifting mob raid on a Louis Vuitton store in River North is on parole for carrying out a similar $46,000 raid at the nearby Prada store.

Kahdaffie Green, 25, has become somewhat of a regular at CWBChicago. He has also developed a habit of being arrested for new crimes within weeks of getting out of prison.

Less than a week after he was released from the big house in January 2022 for possessing a stolen motor vehicle, Green and three other men robbed the Prada store on Oak Street of $46,000 worth of merchandise. Prosecutors said Green blocked the store’s security guard so his accomplices could get inside.

At one point, the robbers rammed the guard with a clothing rack, which caused him to fall to the ground and injure his wrist. The thieves escaped in two stolen cars that were waiting outside.

His first appearance was in January 2022, when he blocked a security guard at Prada, 30 East Oak, and allowed three accomplices to enter the store. They gathered armloads of purses.

Last December, barely five months after he got out of prison for the Prada store heist, prosecutors accused him and three other men of robbing a utility crew of an expensive sewer camera. Those charges are still pending.

Kahdaffie Green and a frame from store security footage. (Chicago Police Department, Chicago Critter)

He pleaded guilty early last year in exchange for a 42-month sentence, then got released in late July.

Barely four months later, in early December, Chicago police arrested Green and three other men, saying they all jumped out of a stolen Jeep to rob a utility crew in the 9700 block of South Martin Luther King Drive.

Prosecutors said a utility crew was working in the 9700 block of South Martin Luther King Drive when four armed men jumped out of a stolen Jeep and took a SeeSnake sewer camera reel and an accompanying camera.

On November 13, about three weeks before the sewer camera job, Green was part of a 10-person theft mob that stormed the Louis Vuitton store inside Nordstrom, 55 East Grand, Chicago police announced this week.

Shortly before 8 o’clock that evening, the flash mob donned face masks and hoodies, then made their way up an escalator to the Louis Vuitton section, a Chicago police case report said.

The crew didn’t say a word or display any weapons as they ripped about 45 purses from the display shelves. According to the report, each bag retailed for between $3,000 and $11,000. Store managers determined that merchandise worth $210,380 was stolen during the theft, which lasted 26 seconds from start to finish. A video of the crime was posted to Twitter by Chicago Critter. Watch:

Green is charged with burglary and theft of $100,000 to $500,000. He is currently in prison because the state revoked his parole after he was accused in the sewer camera case.

He’s the second person charged in connection with the Louis Vuitton raid. In December, prosecutors charged 18-year-old Michael Bibbs with participating in the crime, too.

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